ROM can be installed with Odin Multidownloader.

Your data will be erased after installation, you’d better backup.

After installing ROM with Odin you must choose wipe data/factory reset to clear cache/data partitions and reboot system now.
First setup may take some minutes.



9 Responses to “Installation”

  1. sTeFaN Says:

    Hi ! so gr8 work !!!! did my installation go wrong or is the cam not working in the release ? Cheers & BR from Muenchen !

  2. Benni Says:

    The camera is not working yet.
    Oder: Die Kamera funktioniert noch nicht. =)

  3. Eric Says:

    Good try, but the rom seems cannot resume locked screen during and after made a phone call.
    Am I do something wrong?

  4. elfronto Says:

    Thanks a lot for this rom ! My Galaxy is now incredibly fast. But I have the same (black) locked screen after a phone call, it’s annoying for a phone. πŸ˜‰ I have to remove the battery after each phone call… Waiting for camera implementation, I’m impatient for testing Google goggles πŸ™‚

  5. Nir Says:

    I want to test it, but i’m afraid my phone will stop working, is there a way to rollback my phone back to 1.5 versions?

  6. Nemanya Says:

    THANKS!!!! I dont have call problems.

  7. Love it! Says:

    Good job! Can’t wait for the next release. Thank you so much for doing what Samsung can’t!

  8. FadeFX Says:

    @ nir

    you can always go back via odin… just google for actual firmware image..

  9. Seth Says:

    A big thanks so far for all the work done.

    Wanted to install the rom just now, noticing I won’t be able to do so via Odin (Ubuntu) can you maybe hand me a link or a howto how to use the files for odin with adb?
    Would be great.

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