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  1. CoLo Says:

    Thanks! You are the best!… Now what’s is the next step??

  2. Michael Says:

    Excellent! Thank you for your work.

    I’m hoping the camera driver will be working soon then I will use this permanently!

  3. geminga Says:

    Sagol kardes,
    GPS’i bekliyordum bende. Simdi sürekli kullanacagim.
    Birde Kamerayi yapsan, tadindan yenmez 🙂

    Bütün emegin icin tesekkür ederim.



  4. Purity Says:

    Your work is f****** great!

  5. Andy Says:

    Just upgraded from v1.02a no need to wipe data/factory reset.

    Excellent work looking forward to seeing bluetooth working next.

    Many Many Thanks

  6. igor01 Says:

    Thanks man!!
    This Rom runs just awsome!! great performance for such an early release!
    waiting for your new stuff =)

  7. Lior Weisman Says:

    I am newbie & Android (moved from WM)
    Can you add detailed installtion procedure?
    How can I backup my existing ROM (just in case..)
    Thank you !

  8. Ronen Says:

    hey pal.. thanx for your great work..
    could you please made it to work in UMTS also?
    please please please


  9. Ronen Says:

    also if you want i can build for you a better wordpress in my servers that will look nicer.. 🙂

  10. hasan Says:

    Orjinal android 2.0 da olduğu soylenen google map(turn by turn sesli navigasyon) uygulaması eklenebilirmi?tebrikler.çok harika bir iş olmuş.

  11. Jorge Says:

    Great work!!

    Thanks from Brazil. We are waiting new releases, you’re the guy.

  12. Ogix Says:

    Thanks for great work! btw, the sound in earphones is still mono, could you fix that?

  13. Emi Says:

    Hy guy, you are a fucking MASTER… nice job …

  14. luke Says:

    wow, great work.

  15. Felix Chen Says:

    Great work!!you’re the greatest one man.

    Looking forward for your Eclair 2.1

  16. Ceedge Says:

    Wow!!! Russian added… MustyMod, you are best!

  17. SC Yu Says:

    I am from HK.

    Could you consider to include Traditional Chinese Support, with Chinese Input in your next release. It would be grate to HK and Taiwan users.


  18. PERON Says:

    nice job!!

  19. dmitry Says:

    Few bugs:

    YouTube application cannot show the video.
    Sound is Ok, but video not.

    After first dial to any number screen goes black and cannot see anything till i remove the battery.
    (Touch screen do not work also, so you cannot switch phone off)

  20. ORRI Says:

    really great job in such a short time. Unfortunately I can’t use the latest version since every time I call someone the screen turns (and stays) black (even after finishing the call). I have to remove the battery and restart the phone. Does anybody know if this is a known issue? Does anybody has a solution / workaround for this?


  21. ORRI Says:

    I forgott to mention that this problem doesn’t occures with build mustymod_Eclair_v1_01a.rar, only mustymod_Eclair_v1_02a.rar and mustymod_Eclair_v1_02b.rar are affected.

  22. m16kevlar Says:


    -Video does not play.

    -impossible to make an outgoing call by dialing a mobile number through 8, is possible only +7. When calling to regular phones are all excellent.

    -partly ROM slower than previous version

    -the sound in the headphones mono

    -can not select the operator manually – search not working

    -camera not working

    -EDGE icon sometimes goes out

    -BT does not work

    -GPS works, but the accuracy is lower than in version 1.5

    -In some games, graphics do not display correctly (3D driver is not always correct)

    Thank you for great works!

  23. msmthng Says:

    when do you thing bluetooth support will be included – to use the phone with the card headset?

  24. pim Says:

    Hello, good job.
    Where is the sources?

  25. Legend Says:

    Please add swap and netfilter to kernel.

    # CONFIG_NETFILTER is not set
    # CONFIG_SWAP is not set

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  26. Paolo Says:


  27. Paolo Says:

    Thank you very much for your work
    the Samsung has a major flaw Galaxy …… programs such as “Bluetooth File Transfer” or “Bluex” do not work.
    When you deal with the bluetooth you can test the compatibility

  28. zizouth Says:

    Mustymod, thank you to publish your sources so that we can work together to add features etc. …

    You’re the best

  29. SuperZell Says:

    Thanks again for your great job on this rom.

    My feedback :

    this rom feel a little bit slow compared to the previous release but GPS is a great thing.

    The build.prop seems to be dangerous (some people get banned from the market) maybe you should take the one from the droid/milestone).

    The default governor for cpufreq is performance, you should probably use ondemand to allow the cpu freq to downscale.

    I enabled JIT in dalvik vm and it’s a great performance improvement, maybe you can test this (it’s realy easy and take max 5 min).

    And an other time, please give some sources or maybe just some explanations how you get get theses things to work because the power of an open-source system is just awesome (that’s the reason why there are a lot of mods on G1/G2/nexus phones), one more thing, a lot of people can help you if you give the sources.

    Again, thanks for your job.

  30. Tobi Says:

    hi,the camera-process will be killed automaticly..since 1.03…

  31. porga Says:


    You are the best. You give hope to all of them who are abandoned by official company.

    Did you notice if battery life on i7500 is longer with this new Android update? Is file transfer by bluetooth enabled in this update?

    Thank You and keep up the good work…

  32. adi Says:

    Can you please base it on the latest update from samsung as the battery seems to go out a bit quick. the k4 is old. Also can you add to it wifi tethering? Thank you for the great work

  33. igor01 Says:

    (where do we have to write you the feedback now??)

    here is some feedback from me:

    -headphones still mono
    -wenn you do a call, sometimes the screen STAYS black/off until battery is taken out
    -quite good performance though

    go on musty! you are on the right way 😉

  34. Ronen Says:

    i think the most important problem is that when i do call i get black screen and nothing to do… only take out the battery and restart phone

    please fix it thank you very musch

  35. iliuxa Says:

    thanks for new ROM.
    I look forward to release the next build.
    support baglist m16kevlar
    Here are some new bugs:
    1. youtube plays only sound without video
    2. Enter the text in the browser is very slow, for example: write the answer on the forums.
    But in sms or icq all works quickly.
    3. THANKS for Rus lang !!! but andoid input keyboard not include russian layout.

  36. coldearth Says:

    Thanks from Australia!

  37. Alvar Says:

    Thank you for your great work. Next release will be my first test rom.

    greets from germany 🙂

  38. Daniel Says:

    Great work!
    Please keep going, I appreciate it so much!
    Greetings from Germany

  39. zaniku Says:

    Thank you Musty.
    I have installed your 1.02 and it always stuck when the phone is on stand by mode.

    I will try your 1.03 during weekend

  40. Scrat Says:

    Hey man, great work. I do love it now, so whats goin on if its the final version?!
    there is just one bug make me downgreat to another version….if u make a call and hang up, u get a black screen and have to put the battery out and restart, no reaction. but in the whole the best i’v seen for the galaxy.

    best greetings

  41. rastathom Says:

    Thank you very much ! It changed my hope to my Samsung now aftr installing it i love my galaxy !!!
    I’m lookin’ forward to make use of the camera, and i hope for a possibility to get a better battery life but all in all its the best thing happend to my galaxy !

    irie ites from Germany


  42. Tahvok Says:


    This is just the best thing I could find for my phone!

    Just a question: when I update the ROM, It will always erase everything? Or is there other way updating?


  43. dica Says:

    niceeeee work man i am waitinggg for the final vesion
    an iam asking is it possible to add another language like arabic just for browsing arabic sites?????

  44. Doul Says:


    Merci à toi, tu as devancé tout le monde,
    je l’utilise depuis 2 jours… nikel…

    2 ou 3 bug, mais nikel

    many thanks !!!

  45. Doul Says:

    This thanks came from france

  46. FadeFX Says:

    Hi man,

    i cant say how happy i am to hear of this mod, finally someone seems to care if we can use our galaxy…
    atm i will not install your mod because i need my phone for everyday use and your mod does not support some features i need, but i will follow this thing as tight as possible and give it a try as soon as possible….

    go on man, we believe in you!

  47. ozkan Says:

    hi musty
    please that bluetooth files transfer problem 🙂

    can you make turkish languageu? 🙂

    you want to turkhis rom?
    ı have you know 😉

  48. Tamil Says:

    Great work done! Hats off!!!

    It would be great if Bluetooth file transfer is available in Next release.


  49. John K Says:

    I REALLY LOVE your work!!!!!! I thought the cupcake was going to be the last rom for my phone after Samsung abandoned us….and here we are, a step away from the Eclair rom for Galaxy!!!!! This is fantastic. Really, Samsung should fire all their Dev team and hire you….

  50. benj14240 Says:

    could you share your sources please to help you to develop the rom


  51. Tobi Says:

    some problems after long runtime with 3G and Wlan…

    3G is connecting now,but it says a networkproblem…

    Wlan doesn’t find a Network….

    after Restart phone,all this features works normaly….

  52. John K Says:

    How do I make a donation?

  53. jstrummer Says:

    Great work man! But has anyone found a work around for the screen blacking out when phoning?

  54. Leonardo Dias Says:

    Good work!

    When could we donate?

  55. Almog Says:

    Hi, can you add Hebrew fonts to your ROMs’ please?

  56. Michael Says:


    very well done so far.
    Just upgraded my galaxy to 1.03b

    At least camera is still missing and this calender sync is still not working perfect.

    But in general really very very good work.

    Thanks a lot

  57. Jazzerath Says:

    I think there’s a lot of work to do before the localization of ROM some users ask for.

    Short overview:

    v1.03b vs 1.02a

    Battery issue – drains fast – lasts for 20-24h top – but this is same as the previous version
    A bit more laggy and sometimes much slower and overall feel is not as good and fluid as in previous version.
    Sometimes much harder to unlock because of this, reacts with delay.
    Phone call starts slower, ends slower, sometimes tricky if u want do do things fast.
    Less memory available

    GPS does work fine, didn’t notice any accuracy problem
    I do not have problem with screen going black after ending a call

    Net counter doesn’t count anything
    MyBAckupPro forecloses during recovery unpredictably

    Beside the GPS it looks like a step back to me.

    I’m going back to IK5 again – keep developing

  58. painkiller Says:

    HEy your Work are FAntastic…!!!!!!!!

    Fucking Samsung–NO UPDATE..

  59. Sarah Says:

    Hi, thank you so much for these updates. However, could you please give installation instructions? I’ve downloaded the version 1.3b but after unzipping it, everything’s in .tar format that I know nothing about and don’t know which program to use to run it.

    Also, if you could please tell how to backup the galaxy it would be very much appreciated.

    Thank you again!

    • Jazzerath Says:

      Installation is not so hard, you have instructions on several different forums on how to use Odin for updates but if you are on this level of questions I wouldn’t recommend you to do anything as this is more or less experimental ROM and it is not for the everyday use. If you are not sure what are you doing you will have just problems and you will not be satisfied by what you got. Step by step.

  60. GrimDaFango Says:

    Nice work.. there’s still a lot do do, but since now you’ve done a great job.
    Anyway security related concerns are growing bigger and bigger nowadays and furthermore the development would go much fuster if you only would release the source.
    Please, think about it.

  61. User-X Says:

    Why don’t you release source code on XDA developers forum, in such community development would go faster, and we could all help by testing and donating? i7500 have great user base, look at petition spot, around 4000 votes. If all donate 2 dollars that is 8 thousand for developers, and we all get new version of OS.

  62. toks Says:

    Great job. Thanks.

  63. Alex Says:

    Hello, thank you for your contribution to Galaxy, may I know if that your rom is international that including other language like original Galaxy rom? I need Chinese display is that okay in your rom?

  64. zizouth Says:

    Thank you for the sources!!

  65. Salvatore Says:

    It’s work also on the Samsung Galaxy Lite i5700??

  66. Victor Says:

    You have really done a great job with this rom and an even greater one by releasing the sources.
    Thanks !

  67. MuSh Says:

    Thank you 😉

  68. cryingfreeman Says:

    Great job man! when will be new release? i need camera:(

    will be in future added bluetooth fiel transport, voice recognise and multitouch?

  69. Manzzon Says:

    Thank you for the great work, looking forward to see that camera driver ready for action. 🙂

  70. selim Says:

    I have been using your rom for a day now and it is totally awesome. Remeembering the other devs started working after you makes you a real hero for galaxy community. Thanks a lot

  71. MuSh Says:

    Sorry, but for donation?

  72. tareqhs Says:

    Source released… COOL 😀
    dude you’re doing an excellent job and every step you take only make you better than the lousy Samsung guys ! you’re the guy

  73. errtu Says:

    Is this Rom Rooted?
    If not how can i do´it?

  74. Aragorn Meulendijks Says:

    Using the MOD on my Galaxy.
    Seemed great, but found some bugs/drawbacks.

    Using: 1.03b

    – After each call the screen goes black and I need to Take out the battery to restart the phone.
    – Battery life has been reduced a LOT… The phone won’t last me over 8 hours anymore where before I lasted atleast 14 to 16.

    Besides these 2, well pretty major problems, I loved it.. everything runs smooth and good and I don’t need my camera… still there’s work to be done.. and I wish I could help. But loads of credit to you!

  75. Headhunter77 Says:

    Hi Mustymod..
    I wounder if its possible to increase the amont of ram from tge internal ram, for ex. like the way drakaz did with swap??

  76. user-x Says:

    Please, add support for Croatian language as you go…

  77. Alvar Hanso Says:

    …still excited and waiting for the next release. 🙂

  78. Jibe Says:

    How about a mailing list ?

  79. Jibe Says:

    Never mind !! Thanks

  80. antiheld Says:

    nice work! The “call-bug” is heavy, but i hope it will be gone in the next release 😉 for so far: it’s good to use. is there a date for the next release?

  81. tearaway_Tea Says:

    Thanks for your activity. Is it possible to make a donation?

  82. Emre keskiner Says:

    If you can send an example of Turkish language file

  83. John Says:

    I’m also having problems with the screen blacking out when making calls, and having to take out the battery to turn it back on. Annoying, but other than that and the known issues, it’s pretty smooth.

  84. cryingfreeman Says:

    next release with camera please:)

    can be in future activ multitouch, speech recognize and bluetooth?

    • FadeFX Says:

      i think bluetooth will be limited to headset support only since android seems to have no obex support at all yet…

      @mustymod thanx for your work, we all count on you!

  85. torro Says:

    I think there is no multitouch driver for the touchpad, so no chance.

  86. Luong Says:

    Can I use it for i5700 Spica?

  87. User-X Says:

    “”””Can I use it for i5700 Spica?””””

    Spica (Portal) will get official update on 2.0 or 2.1…

  88. Scruntie Says:

    u r awesome dude!

    thanks a lot!

    can next one be with camera support and normal lock function?


  89. cryingfreeman Says:

    whne will be next release?

  90. hasan Says:

    new issue:
    voice record applications(for example voicit,voice memo)is not working .

  91. user-x Says:

    Does camera zoom exist in 2.1?


    Can call be recived while surfing web?

    • FadeFX Says:

      multitouch could be tricky on the galaxy, since i have read long time ago that someone tryed to write a multitouch driver for it and had lots of problems to recognize second finger…

    • Jazzerath Says:

      First of all this is not 2.1, so all your questions are pointless as the camera zoom is pointelss as with digital zooming you get no real zoom, just picture resizing (less resolution).
      Multitouch arghh, what for? It’s a question of Samsung drivers which doesn’t exists and software implementation (which doesn’t exists…). With Galaxy the hardware may be the problem also, so forget it.
      Call could always been recieved during no matter what you do.
      How did you manage to collect such bunch of nonsense questions in only one post?

      • user-x Says:

        Well, bunch of nonsense or not, after your reply I know what I needed to know.

        Regarding 2.1 or not, check Mustymods twitter, maybe I can teach you something after all,


  92. elfronto Says:

    Hi !
    So musty, have you joined Drakaz’s project “Porting Android Open Source Project 2.1 on Samsung Galaxy” ?
    I saw a “musty” on this page : http://code.google.com/p/gaosp/wiki/Todo
    I can’t wait to taste the joys of a 100% functional Galaxy !

  93. User-X Says:

    They are our only hope to see fully functional 2.1 on i7500.

    Please guys, don’t give up on us… Anything new cooking?

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